About Us

Our Dedication

Since 2006, Blue Moon Water has been providing local businesses and homes with the finest spring water and outstanding customer service. Locally owned and operated, we value the environmental and economic benefits of a community using it’s local, natural resources instead of transporting these resources in from across the globe. Our small staff enjoys getting to know each of our customers by name and giving back to our community through various sponsorships and donations.

About Our Quality

As members of the NC Spring Water Association, we proudly display the NC Gold Seal certifying that our source has met the strict guidelines set forth by the state of NC and the NC Spring Water Association. Both the spring source and the bottling facility are monitored by the state of NC on a regular basis and in-house testing is performed on an hourly schedule to insure that the strictest and highest quality standards are kept.


Environmental Commitment

  • Enhance public awareness and appreciation of the health-giving and healing powers of pure local spring water from the mountains of Western North Carolina
  • Transport our water as efficiently and over the shortest distances possible, reducing the effects of carbon emissions that contribute to global warming
  • Promote the protection of mountaintop natural springs from inappropriate development practices
  • Continue to support and seek out sustainable solutions to providing clean, pure drinking water in the U.S. and across the planet.

How far did YOUR water travel to Asheville?

Blue Moon Water 20 miles
Deer Park, Florida 508 miles
Mountain Valley, Arkansas 599 miles
Poland Springs, Maine 870 miles
Crystal Geyser, California 1977 miles
Reykjavik, Iceland 3167 miles
Oslo, Norway 4246 miles
Evian, France 4470 miles
San Pellegrino, Italy 4889 miles
Fiji Islands 7452 miles

Think Global, Drink Local

Blue Moon Water
Mountain Valley Water

Dock Pickup Hours: 8:00AM-3:00PM Mon-Fri

Phone: 828.253.6060

Email: thirsty@bluemoonwater.com

299 Haywood Rd
West Asheville, NC 28806