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Price List

All jugs and bottles are BPA-Free and 100% Recyclable

Delivery Fee - $5

Free Dock Pickups- Mon-Fri 10:00am to 2:00pm

*Certain deliveries will require a higher fee due to high volume, mileage, ease of access, or off schedule/rush deliveries.

5-Gallon Jug of Spring Water - $8.20

+$8.00 Refundable Bottle Deposit

3-Gallon Jug of Spring Water - $6.95

+$8.00 Refundable Bottle Deposit

Case Prices

0.5 Liter (24 pack) - $13.65

20 ounce (24 pack) - $14.65

1.0 Liter (12 pack) - 13.75

Cooler Rentals

Premium Hot & Cold: $16.00/month

Standard Hot & Cold: $13.50/month

Cold and Room Temp: $11.00/month

Periodic Cleaning & Maintenance included.

Crock & Stand

Rental Crock & Stand: $5/month

Buy Crock Only-$45, Stand Only-$45

$10 off pair for new customers!

• Local Fresh Mountain Spring Water

• Locally owned, engaged and invested in our community

• Fast, responsive, and caring customer service

Blue Moon Water

Hours of Operation: 8am - 5pm

Phone: 828.253.6060


2002 Riverside Drive Suite 42-F
Asheville, North Carolina, 28804