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Current Price List:

Initial Start up Cost for New Accounts- $30

Please Note- This start up cost is in lieu of the jug deposits typical of our industry. Jugs are meant to be re-used to reduce plastic waste and cost. By doing business with us, you agree to return them, whether by exchanging them for refills or when ending service.

We reserve the right to charge $8 per jug not returned or badly damaged.

5-Gallon Jug of Spring Water - $8.20

3-Gallon Jug of Spring Water - $6.95

Water jugs are quite heavy, so we offer two sizes. 5 gallons of water weighs about 42 pounds, and 3 gallons weigh about 25 pounds. All jugs BPA-Free.

Case Prices for Small Bottles

0.5 Liter (24 pack) - $13.65

20 ounce (24 pack) - $14.65

1.0 Liter (12 pack) - 13.75

Basic Delivery Fee - $5

Delivered on your assigned delivery day during business hours. You don't need to be there for a drop-off or jug swap.

Certain deliveries will require a higher fee due to high volume, mileage, ease of access, or off schedule/rush deliveries ($15). 

Cooler Rentals

Premium Hot & Cold: $16.00/month

Standard Hot & Cold: $13.50/month

Cold and Room Temp: $11.00/month

Periodic Cleaning & Maintenance included.

Crock & Stand

Rental Crock & Stand: $8/month

Buy Crock Only-$65, Stand Only-$45

$10 off pair for new customers!

• Local Fresh Mountain Spring Water

• Locally owned, engaged and invested in our community

• Fast, responsive, and caring customer service

Blue Moon Water

Blue Moon Water
Mountain Valley Water

Dock Pickup Hours: 8:00AM-3:00PM Mon-Fri

Phone: 828.253.6060


299 Haywood Rd
West Asheville, NC 28806